About Us


It takes a leap of faith to begin a great endeavour. In that spirit, we set out to provide modest fashion that celebrates our beautiful faith. We love to pioneer and our goal is to consistently provide the trendiest range of unique products, exceptional customer service and passionate sales representatives in every major city.

Every lucky soul that engages with the Islamic Design House family is given a healthy dose of fun. 'Fun' is woven into every aspect of our colourful day! Whether it's our new collection, a creative marketing campaign, we make sure the ups and downs of our journey are always received with a big ‘Sunnah’ smile. We love creating fun and will hop, skip and jump that extra mile to give our fans and customers the most memorable experience they've ever had from a retail fashion brand. That’s our promise to ourselves and to you!

Faith sets the rhythm of our heart, 'Fun' is the flavour of our flair and 'Fashion' is what we do best! London is the perfect place to express the DNA of our identity; a leading fashion capital, a creative hub of ideas, where cultures are being fused and trends are being set. We are blessed to be able to capture the vibrancy and richness of this thriving city and define and redefine how faith and modesty are expressed through fashion. London embraced faith and fell in love with its beauty. Everyone loves an amazing fashion affair and that's what we are celebrating here.